Data Engineering team


Scientific themes

  • Ontology based modeling; 
  • Data integration of heterogeneous sources; 
  • Big Data challenges; 
  • Performance and scalability;
  • Green computing, personalization and usage; 
  • User-centered evaluation.

Application Domains

  • Modeling of technical knowledge; 
  • Engineering of complex systems; 
  • Semantic Web; 
  • Data exchange and management, catalogues of technical components and exchange services; 
  • Patrimonial Data.

Set up methods, techniques and approaches

  • Formal approaches for modeling and validation (Express, EMF/OCL); 
  • Languages for services and workflow description; 
  • Databases and data warehouses; 
  • Mathematical cost models; 
  • Simulation, software prototyping and validation.


Team leader: Ladjel BELLATRECHE